Beard Grooming Tips

So what’s one of the biggest grooming mistake men make when they decide to try out a beard?
  1. Trimming or shaving too early. It’s easy to make mistakes and give up on the entire beard. It’s best to let it grow out for about one or two months before touching it. If you must trim, then only trim up what is out of place.
What are the best tools to properly care for your beard?
close-up of young man trimming his beard with comb and scissors
  • Scissors are a better choice over beard trimmers, as you have more control.
  • I’d look for a hand-cut acetate comb versus an extruded molded comb. These combs won’t have the micro fissures that cause snags and damage your beard.
  • Same goes with a plastic bristle brush versus a boar’s bristle brush.
  • Personally I use a brush very seldom, I find a comb works better shaping and trimming.
What’s better beard oil or beard balm?
  • It's really more a matter of preference, and what your main purpose is for using.
  • Both are great for softening your beard, and adding some shine. Oil will generally create a brighter, more lustrous shine. Balm produces a flatter sheen.
  • Oil gets the edge when it comes to conditioning the skin underneath.
  • Balm gets the edge when you are looking for some control and moderate hold.
  • Personally I feel the wax and butter in the balm provide more protection especially for those who spend alot of time outdoors.
  • Oil in my opinion is best used when you first start growing your beard and for short close trimmed beards.
How is it best applied?
  • A 2oz can of balm & a one-ounce bottle of oil will last about three months if you use it everyday.
  • With both the balm and the oil it's best applied right after a warm shower, while your beard is still damp and the skin is still warm from the shower.
  • For the balm, scoop out a small amount with the tips of your fingers then rub the fingers around together or in the palm of your hand until the balm melts.
  • Then start working it into your beard starting at the roots working it into the skin underneath then working out to the ends.
  • To apply the oil, simply put a few drops in your hands and spread the oil. Then start working the oil into your beard, just as described above.
  • Then just enjoy how soft your beard will feel.
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